Smile! You're On Camera

Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Oct 14th 2022 8:00AM

The principle of “the camera is always rolling,” can certainly be attributed to the trucking industry. More and more companies and carriers are utilizing in-cab, and in-dash, cameras to record and capture driver behaviors and driving habits. It’s a safety measure, and the practice is becoming ...

Hurricane Ian

Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Oct 5th 2022 8:00AM

The destruction, and subsequent rebuilding, that comes with the onset and departure of a hurricane of Ian’s strength and magnitude can hardly be measured by the images and reports we receive from mainstream media and the folks who bring us our weather forecasts. We’ve been warned, time and again...

Appreciating Our Drivers

Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Sep 16th 2022 8:00AM

A simple “thank you” will never be enough. I mean, what really can be said to the women and men who spend hours, days, weeks, and months away from their families while keeping America’s gears grinding in a forward motion? This has been Driver Appreciation Week. A week where we, as the transpor...

Be Prepared for Roadside Inspections

Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Sep 19th 2022 8:00AM

Recently, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) held its annual Brake Safety Week. It’s the annual commercial motor vehicle brake-safety inspection, enforcement and education initiative conducted by law enforcement agencies across North America. During Brake Safety Week, inspecto...

Women In Trucking, with Ellen Voie: Q&A

Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Sep 12th 2022 8:00AM

The following Q&A session between Expediters Online and Ellen Voie of Women In Trucking focuses on the organization’s fledgling days, the mission embarked upon, and the state of current affairs within a company that has shown tremendous growth and influence over the past 15 years. Expediters O...

Making Mental Health a Priority

Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Aug 31st 2022 8:00AM

Driving a commercial vehicle can certainly be a lonely job, and it can be all too easy for mental health hurdles and challenges to creep up on a driver as the miles roll by. Extended time away from family and friends, long periods without human interaction, and other circumstances can be detrimental...

Reaching Younger Drivers

Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Aug 26th 2022 8:00AM

Gone are the days of starting a job out of school, building it into a career, and finishing off one’s working life with the same company or organization only to ride off into the sunset of retirement. That all seems like a pipedream anymore, and with good reason. Companies, in general, seem more w...

Park It: Truck Parking Gets a Federal Boost

Brandon Scott
Aug 1st 2022 8:00AM

Recently, legislation was introduced by House Representatives Mike Bost (R-Illinois) and Angie Craig (D-Minnesota) to fund the creation of additional truck parking for the nation’s commercial truck driving community. The legislation has been approved by the House Transportation and Infrastructure ...

Driver Apprenticeship Program

Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Jul 27th 2022 8:00AM

Recently, some truck insurance and safety groups have begun questioning the merits of the federal under-21 commercial driver apprenticeship program. However, certain factions of the trucking industry are continuing to back the pilot program. The Safe Driver Apprenticeship Program As it’s currently...

Recruiting New Blood

Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Jul 25th 2022 8:00AM

As the ongoing driver shortage continues, unceremoniously hitting a record high in 2021, many companies and carriers are attempting to turn their attention toward a somewhat untapped resource of trucking talent in the transportation industry. A trucking youth movement if you will, and below are just...

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